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Transgender Management

Transgender management is a new field in Endocrinology that deals with the hormonal and surgical treatment of transgender individuals. 

Transgender Management

Transgender management is the process of managing transgender people in a way that is respectful and appropriate to their gender identity. 

Q. What are some other transgender management interventions?

  • facial hair removal 
  • voice modification
  • genital tucking and packing, and chest binding

Q. What services are included in transgender management?

  • preventive care
  • hormone therapy
  • mental health support
  • gender-affirming surgeries

Q. What surgeries are specific to transgender populations?

  • feminizing vaginoplasty 
  • masculinizing phalloplasty/scrotoplasty
  • metoidioplasty
  • masculinizing chest surgery 
  • facial feminization procedures
  • reduction thyrochondroplsaty
  • voice surgery 

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