5 Tips for Sticking to Weight Loss Goals in the New Year

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This is a very popular topic during this time of the year. Many people have various resolutions and goals they would like to pursue in the New Year. The number one goal on most people's list is weight loss, but with the holiday season coming to an end and New Year's resolutions coming into play, it may be difficult for some people to stick to their goal.

1. Journal Your Goals

Be mindful of the goals you are setting, be realistic and determined. Setting goals that are far fetched can lead to disappointment and discouragement. Other than journaling, a calendar journal is also another motivational way to create daily, weekly, monthly goals for those who want the little victory encouragements. Stay driven by keep yourself motivated. Write out those inspirational quotes in your journal and/or calendars.

2. Healthy Eating and Dieting 

Probably the most important on the list, watching what you eat. Not necessarily restricting yourself from eating, but watching your calories and the kinds of food you are eating. A great way to decrease high calorie foods is by replacing them with leafy green vegetables. Meet with your provider to take a look at your vitals, to determine a dieting plan. You are what you eat, so making sure you feed your temple with food that gives you energy... which then keeps you motivated and determined on your weight loss goals. 

3. Creating a Meal Plan

If you're trying to lose weight, a carefully planned diet full of nutritious foods can be the difference between success and failure. Maintaining a healthy diet while trying to lose weight can be difficult even when there are plenty of options at hand, so it's important to prepare ahead of time in order to eliminate any potential future struggles when it comes time to choose what and how much you will eat.

4. Exercising and Listening to Your Body

Exercising is a way to achieve weight loss, but it's important to listen to your body and not over-exercise. You should not push yourself too hard because if you do that you might end up hurting yourself. The point of exercising is that it's supposed to be enjoyable and something that leaves you feeling accomplished. That way you will want to keep exercising. It is also important that when you go on an exercise plan, that plan suits your needs because if the plan doesn't suit your needs then the likelihood of sticking with it is low. You should do exercises that make you happy and feel energized after doing them.

5. Routine and Psychology 

The psychology of weight loss is the study of how people's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence their eating habits. The history of this field began in the late 1800s when it was recognized that emotional and mental factors were important in understanding human eating behavior. Having a routine trains your mind to be consistent without much motivation. It'll come naturally since your mind is in the cycle of a routine.

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Posted by Craig Martin
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