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Wound Care

Podiatric wound care is a specialized field of podiatry that focuses on the treatment of foot-related injuries and wounds. 

Wound Care

Podiatric wound care is a type of podiatry that deals with the treatment of wounds on the feet. Podiatric wound care can be done by a podiatrist. Wound care is important because it helps to prevent infection and other complications from developing in wounds on the feet.

Q. What are the causes of foot wounds?

  • diabetes
  • poor circulation & circulatory problems
  • genetics
  • infections
  • inflammatory disease
  • nerve damage to the feet (peripheral neuropathy)
  • bone & muscles abnormalities

Q. What are some treatments of foot wounds?

  • debridement 
  • specialized footwear
  • medicating & footwear 
  • taking antibiotics
  • resting & evaluation
  • compression
  • surgery 

Q. What are symptoms of foot wounds?

  • tenderness
  • bleeding
  • swelling
  • pain
  • bruising & redness

Ulcers of the feet:

  • red hole 
  • bottom or sides of the foot or tip of toes
  • round shape
  • surrounded by hard callused skin
  • can be very deep
  • burning & itching 

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