Photo of Lapiplasty


Lapiplasty is the #1 3D bunion correction that corrects the entire bone and secures the unstable foundation for your feet.


Lapiplasty is a patented, advanced technology 3D bunion correction. This procedure is designed to correct all 3 dimensions of the bunion at the root of the unstable joint. 

Q. What are the risks associated with the lapiplasty?

  • infection
  • adverse reactions to a foreign body
  • pain, discomfort, or abnormal sensations due to the presence of the implant
  • loosening, bending, cracking, or fracture of the implants
  • loss of fixation of bone
  • migration of the implant or loosening of the implant
  • delayed correction in alignment of the bones

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Q. How has osteotomy proven to be inconsistent?

  • 87% of bunions are misaligned in 3 dimensions
  • 12x likelihood of bunion returning if the 3D issue isn't addressed
  • 1 in 3 patients are dissatisfied after osteotomy bunion surgery
  • 70% of patients may have their bunion return over time

Q. What are the positive effects of lapiplasty?

  • 65 million Americans are affected by a bunion deformity
  • 97% of Lapiplasty patients maintained their 3D bunion correction at 13 months
  • 10.5 average days for Lapiplasty patients to begin bearing weight on their operative foot in a boot
  • 21 clinical publications directly support the Lapiplasty procedure

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